Combine & Expand Your Keywords for AdWords. Easily

Use AdWords Keyword Tools to Multiply & Organize Your Keywords in Minutes.

Stop wasting time. Stop going around in circles trying to figure out what keyword permutation with the correct match types you've added to your accounts.

Work with more clients by reducing the time spent on building your keyword list using ineffective keyword multipliers.

Save time and feel good. See your client's keyword permutation in one place and know that you've got them covered.

LeadCamp AdWords Keyword Tools

Allow AdWords professionals like you build your keyword list easily at lighting speed. You would be able to choose your root keywords and create the type of keyword permutations that you want to generate.

In addition, you can also choose the match types you'd like to generate including negative match types for smart campaign/adgroup keyword segragation.

Using AdWords Editor?

If you are using AdWords Editor, our AdWords Editor Keyword multiplier is even handier. You can permutate campaign and/or adgroup names and group your keywords based on specific keyword sets. You can also include generating the destination urls for each of your generated keyword.

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How Do You Work with LeadCamp's AdWords Keyword Tool?

Collect your root keywords and prepare your desired permutations.

Enter the root keywords and permutation into our keyword tool, pick the match types and then click Generate.

Copy and paste the generated results from our AdWords keyword tool into your AdWords account.

Screenshots of our AdWords Keyword Tool Multipliers